A gent on one of our leaded stained glass courses solders together a glass picture of the sun, moon and earth.

Leaded stained glass weekend course – great for handy dads

Our leaded stained glass weekend is the perfect getaway for handy dads & their over-18 offspring.

Fancy something a bit different this year? If there’s nothing your dad enjoys more than doing something practical, why not bring him to a leaded stained glass weekend in the Kent Downs, at Creative Retreats and Holidays’ glass studio in Chilham.

On this two day course in leaded stained glass you’ll each get to discover the traditional techniques needed, then construct your very own stained glass panel.

What’s involved?

You’ll be welcomed with tea, coffee & pastries while we have a quick look at health and safety. We want you to go home in at least as good shape as when you arrived, after all! We’ll then move upstairs into the studio, where you’ll learn (if you’re a beginner) how to cut glass with confidence and use the different tools. If you have previous experience you’ll have the opportunity to brush up on your skills and pick up new tips, or dive straight into designing your panel.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll design your own panel. You’re welcome to take a look at what other people have made if you’re short of ideas, & we can help too wherever needed.

You’ll then choose your coloured and textured glass from our extensive selection and cut your pieces, using a special grinder where necessary to ensure that the pieces will fit together.

The next step is to cut the lead for the outside edges of your panel and start to assemble it. This will take the rest of the first day & much of the second day. When your panel has been assembled, you’ll solder the joins, where pieces of lead meet. Then it’ll have a good clean. (If you’re making a panel to be installed (e.g. in a door) or hung outside, it’ll need cementing and then cleaning afterwards.) Then you’ll be able to attach a hanging chain if desired, before standing back to admire your handiwork!

Can I make a big window for my house?

Yes but… In a two day course you’ll have time to make a panel containing up to ten pieces of glass. It takes longer than you think, especially for your first panel. If you want to make something more adventurous than this, you can either start it on a two day course and then complete it on our weekly classes, or finish it at home. If you’re interested in doing this, please do give us a ring or drop us a line beforehand.

Can I bring my dad, my son or daughter (or my grandkids)?

Provided that they’re over 18 & that neither / none of you are pregnant, yes of course. Just book a space for each of you. Under 18s and pregnant ladies shouldn’t work with lead, so they can’t join our stained glass courses, but they’re welcome to come to a glass fusing or glass appliqué course instead.

To allow plenty of room for all attendees, only paying guests may come to our creative glass weekend course. We don’t offer spaces for spectators, sorry. However, there are some beautiful walks and cycle rides nearby for other family members to enjoy, & we’re close to Canterbury too.

Can I get to you by public transport?

Yes; Chilham is served by a regular train service and buses. Check out our “where are we” page for more details.

I’ve heard that you make amazing bread for lunch. Is that true?

Well we don’t like to boast, but our bread does prove very popular, especially served with a warming bowl of fresh soup. Gluten free options are available too; we can cater for most diets so long as you let us know in advance. Vegetarian, vegan, lactose free etc; just tell us beforehand. For decaffeinated coffee drinkers, we also serve some of the best decaf coffee in Kent.

OK, I’m convinced. How do I book my place?

Head straight to our “dates and bookings” page and book your place(s). It’ll be great to welcome you to the studio!


18 - 19 Jun 2022


If you need a bit more time, there'll be the opportunity to stay a bit later on the Saturday.
10:00 am - 5:30 pm


Single Course
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