Studio / kiln hire

Our kilns can be hired subject to availability. Standard fuse schedules for Bullseye glass are available, optimised for each of our kilns.

In our Kilncare FK3S our standard shelf measures 80 x 40cm and a fuse or slump programme with an anneal hold for glass up to 9mm thick costs £30.

In our Kilncare Elite Fuser we have two shelves, one 72 x 43cm and the other 72 x 49cm; you can use one or both. If fusing something across the two shelves, you may like to bring a large piece of ceramic fibre to go underneath your work, especially if your work is transparent. (Feel free to speak to us in advance if you have any questions).

A fuse or slump with an appropriate anneal for work up to 9mm thick in the Elite Fuser costs £47.

For longer firing or fusing schedules, prices can be calculated based on the time for which the kiln is needed. Please ask for details (e.g. for thicker work which requires a longer anneal, or for glass casting).

If you wish to fire glass with silver stain  or fuse glass with silver (e.g. with silver-containing wire), you’re welcome to bring your own shelf or use our dedicated 30 x 30cm shelf. Any damage caused to our large kiln shelves by tainting with silver (or copper) will need to be paid for. If in doubt, please ask! Thank you.