cast glass sculpture of shells, pearls and ocean waves

Glass casting two day course in Kent, £300 per person

New! Glass casting two day course near Canterbury, Kent

10am – 5pm each day; £300 per person.

What’s involved?

Join us for a rare opportunity to learn glass casting on our 2 day course.

You’ll have the opportunity to try two different techniques – open faced moulds and lost wax glass casting.

First, make a wax model from an existing mould & make a casting mould from that.

Then you’ll also learn to make an open faced glass casting mould, impressing some found objects into clay or plasticine, mixing casting investment to make a plaster mould & then removing the clay / plasticine.

Next you’ll steam the wax from your first mould and prepare the glass to go into each mould. Your plaster moulds will go into the kiln when they’re dry enough, where your glass will cast into 3D shapes of your choice and cool gradually over several days. The moulds will then be broken open to reveal your glass masterpieces inside!

What does cast glass look like?

There’s a huge variety. Here’s an example, on the Gorgeous Glass Gifts section of our website. Another inspirational glass casting artist is Georgia Redpath; here’s some of her cast glass – something to aspire to! She’s been doing it for years mind; it’ll take more than two days to reach that standard!

What will I get to take home on the Sunday?

Your glass will be in the kiln for several days. The thicker it is, the more slowly it’ll have to be cooled and the more patient you’ll need to be! You’ll go home with a sense of achievement and anticipation, an understanding of the process and the casting schedules and a useful handout to keep. Your glass will take longer! We can take your cast glass out of the mould for you, clean it up and post it at cost (the cost will depend on weight), or you can come back to the studio when it’s ready and collect it. (That way we get to see how thrilled you are with your results!) If you come to collect your creations, you can take your cast glass out of the mould if you like, or we can do that for you.

What should I wear?

You’ll need clothes that you aren’t too precious about, & a coverall / apron to protect your clothes. Sturdy shoes / trainers will also be needed. You’ll also need an FFP3 mask or equivalent respirator; we can  provide masks and lend you safety glasses.


08 - 09 May 2022


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Single Course
This fused glass platter and small glass dishes are an example of what you can make using glass fusing techniques.A gent on one of our leaded stained glass courses solders together a glass picture of the sun, moon and earth.