Copper Foiled Stained Glass

What is Copper Foiled Stained Glass?

Copper foiled or Tiffany stained glass is often associated with Tiffany lamps- intricate glass lamps made from hundreds of small pieces of colourful glass. It’s also popular in the USA for windows; it was developed there in the late 1800s by Louis Comfort Tiffany, a pioneer in the Arts and Crafts movement.


Start by learning to cut glass, discovering which shapes are easy and which are a little trickier. We’ll show you how to create a cartoon (template) for your design, including up to ten pieces & up to 20 x 20cm in size if you’re with us for a two day course. Choose from our extensive selection of glass and cut, foil & assemble your masterpiece!

photo of copper foiled swan panel being soldered on a two day stained glass course in Kent

Up and Coming Courses

Moving on / intermediate

Build on your previous experience & make a more advanced panel or something in 3D. If you like, you can also incorporate other materials such as glass nuggets, agate, seashells, beads, wire  etc. Again, you have free choice from a wide range of glass; we have mirrors to decorate too.

Beautiful set of three copper foiled panels made by a student on our stained glass course.

Up and Coming Courses

Weekly classes

Flux enables the solder to stick to your copper foil. Here a client starts to solder her copper foiled panel together.

The weekly stained glass courses are ideal if you’d like to make something bigger or with more pieces. You can make something as simple or as complex as you like & extend your course for as long  as you want to. There are no set term times, so you can join whenever there’s a space available.

Start by learning (if you haven’t done it before) to cut glass & create a cartoon (template). We’ll provide basic materials to get you started. When you’ve created your design, we can give you guidance as to the materials that you’ll need to buy in order to make it.

As with the other courses, use of our equipment is included while you’re on site. If you’d like to buy some tools to use at home, we’re happy to give guidance.

Up and Coming Courses

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