Get to grips with your new kiln on our special course

Get to grips with your new kiln!

Get to grips with your new kiln on our special course! If you’ve been blessed with a new glass fusing kiln for Christmas and are afraid to plug it in, come and join us. Has your glass kiln has been sitting in a corner, lonely & unused? Come along. If you’ve had a few “disasters” or run-ins with the “kiln fairies”, we might be able to help too – bring your fused glass for us to look at with you.

It’s worth mentioning that, like Agas, all kilns are different, so we won’t necessarily be experts in your specific model of kiln or kiln controller. There are , however, lots of things that are common to all kilns, such as fusing schedules, compatibility issues and annealling times that are daunting when you first start but which are common to all of us. Do come & join us; hopefully you’ll go home feeling brave enough to fire your kiln up and get creating!

Will you come to my house and set up my kiln for me?

Sadly we don’t go that far; our insurers would quake in their boots at the thought! We will give you as much advice as we can though.

I haven’t got my kiln yet. Can you recommend one?

We’re great advocates of Kilncare glass fusing kilns. They’re made in the UK and their customer care is second to none. Which kiln is right for you will depend on your budget, the space you have available, whether you want one that you can plug nto a 13A socket and what you want to use it for. As a rule of thumb, buy the largest kiln that you have the space and money for; people seldom wish they’d bought a smaller one! (Other makes of glass fusing kiln are available!)

What can I make?

The focus will be mainly on getting to grips with your kiln rather than producing lots of fused glass. However, you will still have the opportunity to to make some small items. We’d especially recommend that you create some test pieces while you’re here, to fuse in your own kiln when you get home.

Glass creations that you leave with us will be fused in our kiln after your course. You’re welcome to collect it or it can be posted to you. This typically costs around £7 depending on its size & weight.

What will I take home?

Hopefully a new-found confidence and the courage to get stuck in. Also some useful handouts c/o Bullseye Glass, a useful list of suppliers and some glass samples to fuse in your kiln.

Where do I park?

There’s plenty of free parking on the drive outside the studio. There’s even a free car park just across the road as well!

What should I wear?

Definitely not sandals or flipflops! Have a quick look at our website – basically any closed in and comfortable footwear, clothes that aren’t too precious & glasses if you need them. Oh, and a smile!


12 Jan 2020


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


This stained glass mosaic picture of a hare gazing up at the sun will look great when it's finished. Here the pieces are being glued onto the glass of copper foiled swan panel being soldered on a two day stained glass course in Kent